Utah Nuclear Engineering Program (UNEP)

Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century

Nuclear Engineering Program at the University of Utah, UNEP, is once again growing and more opportunities for studies are becoming available. Masters and Doctoral degrees are offered to those with BS degrees in engineering and science related fields. Undergraduate Student’s can take selected courses as technical electives and in preparation for nuclear engineering graduate degree programs.

Exciting Developments

  • The minor in nuclear engineering started Fall 2010
  • The ANS Student Chapter is active again.
  • The Alpha Nu Sigma Chapter is active again!! Expect our Invitation to join to arrive shortly.
  • Read about our Seminars and attend, even if you did not sign up for the UNEP Seminar course (NUCL 5999/6999/7999) come and join us! We hold the seminars almost every Wednesday at 4:15pm, WEB 2250.
  • Read about our exciting courses NUCL 4900 and NUCL 5900 and learn of opportunities in Nuclear Engineering.
  • Read about the SRO Training Courses.

The following are degrees offered by the UNEP:
M. S. Master of Science
Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy