Minor in Nuclear Engineering


The minor in Nuclear Engineering requires six 3-credit hour courses and two seminar courses. It can be completed in just three semesters.


About the Minor

There are currently fewer than 50 universities in the United States that offer undergraduate or graduate degrees in Nuclear Engineering. Having started in 2010, the minor in Nuclear Engineering is the only undergraduate education in nuclear engineering in the state of Utah.The graduate program has been around since 1959. The Minor in Nuclear Engineering was developed to respond to the expectations of the nuclear industry and government agencies for preparing a new generation of nuclear engineers for diversified jobs in the state of Utah, the nation and the world.

Our program is unique because of facilities housed by UNEP: research reactor TRIGA, radiochemistry laboratories, optical microscopy laboratory, nuclear medicine related laboratory, radiation measurement laboratory, nuclear forensics and radiation detection laboratory, and advanced computational platform available to all students. The ten state-of-the-art radiation counting stations are accessible to all students entering the program either through class labs or their research assignments and training.

Students interested to be fully trained in operating all of the stations, should contact the UNEP Reactor Supervisor for scheduling. Upon successful completion of training, they will be issued the certificates.



The UNEP minor in Nuclear Engineering requires the courses shown in the table below and a Cumulative GPA of 2.85 or higher and a minor GPA of 3.30 or higher. The elective courses my be selected either from the list of UNEP courses, or from your department’s major courses approved by the UNEP Director. Check with your department to see if any of the Nuclear core courses may be counted towards your technical electives.

Course Number
(Semester Offered)
Credit Hours Course Title
NUCL 3000 (Fall) 3 Nuclear Principles in Engineering and Science
NUCL 3100 (Spring) 3 Neutron-Based Engineering
NUCL 3200 (Spring) 3 Radiochemistry with Laboratory I
NUCL 4000 (Fall/Spring) 3 Nuclear Science and Engineering using TRIGA
NUCL 5999 2 UNEP Seminar (complete 2 times)
Two 3-credit Elective Courses