Doctorate in Nuclear Engineering

Ph.D. Program


UNEP Graduate Programs Handbook

UNEP offers Ph.D. degrees to students who come from diverse backgrounds within the fields of engineering and science. We also open our program to the Schools of Business, Law and Medicine.

Specific curriculum requirements depend on the students background and relevant years of working experience, as well as interest and plans for personal growth and carreer.


Curriculum Development Plan

The Curriculum Development Plan must be defined, approved and signed by the student’s Committee Chairperson (Advisor) and the UNEP Director prior to the registering for the second semester.

The minimum number of coursework credit hours is 18, and 14 credit hours of research hours. The coursework courses will depend on the research area that students intend to go into and their background.

Students should select the PhD degree research area from the following list:

  • Nuclear Engineering Modeling and Simulations
  • Experimental Nuclear Engineering
  • Nuclear Forensics
  • Nuclear Bio Medicine
  • Nuclear Power
  • Nuclear Radiation and Nuclear Materials Detection

The student must maintain grades of a B- or above in all courses.