Reactor Sharing


The US Department of Energy, University Reactor Sharing Program, is available for universities with reactors to “share” access to their facilities with students and faculty at other institutions who lack such a facility. The reactors are also made available for use in research, experiments, material irradiation, neutron activation analysis and training, and for facility tours and other educational activities.

Feel free to look at the Research and Facilities pages to see current and past research at the University of Utah involving our nuclear reactor and associated facilities.  If you would like to perform an experiment that is not listed, please contact the UNEP Director, Professor Jevremovic, or Reactor Supervisor Ryan Schow, to discuss the possibility of performing research at our facility.

We also coordinate with the American Nuclear Society and Health Physics Society to provide teacher workshops, college and high school presentations, and educational training for children in an effort to increase the public understanding and awareness of the capabilities of nuclear energy. If you would like more information regarding upcoming educational events or would like to help to schedule one for your school, please follow the contact information on this page.

We often provide tours for classes from local schools and universities that wish to broaden their learning experience. Students, prospective students, families visiting students, visiting associates, as well as the general public are always welcome to visit our facilities to receive a free tour and presentation on nuclear energy. To take a tour, call to schedule.

Contact Us for more information or to make arrangements for reactor sharing.