Juan Carlos Garcia from Whittier College, CA was given the opportunity by the Graduate Preparation Institute to explore the aspects of Graduate School.  He was assigned to the Nuclear Engineering Program where he had the opportunity of working alongside Dr. Jeveremovic and her fellow graduate students.  His goal is to attend graduate school and pursue a Ph.D. dealing with Diabetes research. Juan Carlos investigated this Summer radon which is a naturally occurring radioactive noble gas that is part of the uranium series which is present in most soil and rocks. As radon decays it emits alpha particles which are strong ionizing and weakly penetrating radioactive particles. When radon and its decaying particles are inhaled into the human lung, the radioactive particles can knock off electrons causing cellular damage. His role in this investigation is to propose and develop a lung model that can be used to simulated lung function in order to help identify the concentration of radon absorbed by human lungs. Such finding will be used to correlate lung cancer incidents to high radon concentration pockets in Utah.