History: Steve Burnham came from Anchorage, Alaska to study engineering at the University of Utah in 2008.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in the spring of 2012.  Steve joined UNEP in the spring of 2011 and began researching the effects of neutrons on diamonds as well as the elemental composition of meteorites.  He is currently finishing his Master’s degree and beginning PhD work where he has been studying the creation of low-activation concrete.  Outside of school Steve enjoys spending time with his family consisting of his wife and brand new daughter as of April 2013.  He will also drop almost anything to go water-skiing. 
Steve had this to say about UNEP: I was first drawn to UNEP because of the unique needs of nuclear engineering.  The future of nuclear engineering will require the expertise of all engineering disciplines.  UNEP succeeds at fusing all engineering disciplines to not only better the future of nuclear energy but also the future of all engineers involved in the program. 
Research:  Steve’s research involves the investigation and creation of new concrete that will be able to withstand the effects of neutron radiation over extended periods of time without every being classified as low-level radioactive waste.  This will decrease the costs associated with building new nuclear infrastructure and reduce unwanted waste.