Masters of Science in Nuclear Engineering

The Nuclear Engineering Program (UNEP) offers a Master of Science Non-Thesis degree, preparing students to meet opportunities in the nuclear industry.  Students are required and expected to meet graduation requirements for both department and Graduate School.

Department requirements:

  • A minimum of 30 credits graduate coursework. M.S. Non-thesis degree class requirements are outlined in the Nuclear Handbook.
  • Submit forms prior to the deadline, meeting requirements as outlined in the Handbook.
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 or higher GPA in graduate coursework. Only one ‘C’ or ‘C+’ can be counted for the degree.  Students with gpa below 3.0 will be placed on academic probation.

Graduate School’s university policy and graduation requirements are available on the Graduate School’s website.

  • Comprehensive Exam: All non-thesis MS students must complete a comprehensive exam during their final semester. The exam will be given the Friday after Fall or Spring break.  Non-thesis students register for the exam by emailing the Academic Advisor at the beginning of their final semester of coursework.
  • Residency Requirement: A minimum of 24 credits are to be taken at the University of Utah.
  • Transfer Credits: No more than six transfer credits (with B or better grade) can be used if approved by the student’s supervisory committee and not applied toward another degree. See department advisor for additional information.
  • Continuous Registration: Students take a minimum of one course each semester from formal admission through degree completion unless a Leave of Absence is approved. International students are ineligible for a Leave of Absence and must maintain full-time registration.
  • Classes should be taken for letter grade and not CR/NC.
  • The Master’s Degree must be completed in four consecutive calendar years.

In order to help MS students meet milestones, please submit to the department advisor the following forms:

Registration ApprovalDue prior to each semester: Submit for permission codes needed to register.
Curriculum Development PlanDue prior to end of first semester. This form creates the supervisory committee and creates a tentative plan to graduate.
Change of CommitteeSubmit only if a committee member needs replacing.
MS Candidacy Form*Due semester prior to graduation; 2/1 for Summer, 6/1 for Fall, and 11/1 for Spring
*If any courses changed from MS Curriculum Development Plan to those listed on MS Candidacy Form, attach a typed description of those changes for committee to review/sign.
Comprehensive ExamRequired in the final semester (Friday after fall or spring break). Register for the exam by emailing the department advisor. See department for more details.
Graduation ApplicationDue to Office of Registrar the semester before graduation.
College of Engineering Guidelines
Letter of Recommendation Release Form